Blogging is more than just sharing your knowledge about something that you are passionate about. Blogs are also a great way to make money online with very little effort. A blog is simply a regularly updated web site where new content frequently is posted, usually in a conversational or informal style, to the purpose of drawing readers to the site and generating an internet based income.

In order to blog effectively, you need to understand how to attract blog visitors, which is done primarily through social media. The most effective ways to draw traffic to your blog is by creating a profile for yourself, writing interesting blog posts, and attracting those who are interested in what you have to say through RSS feeds, discussion forums, and other social media tools. There are various ways to monetize your blog, but the most popular form of monetization is through affiliate marketing programs. Many companies offer affiliate programs that allow you to place affiliate ads on your blog pages and when visitors click on these ads, you earn a commission.

Another way to monetize your blogging efforts is by allowing advertisers to place pay per click advertisements on your blog posts and pages. Although there is some controversy surrounding the pay per click program known as Google AdSense, it has proved successful for many online businesses. One of the easiest ways to monetize your blog for income is through the WordPress plugin called All-in-One SEO, which allows you to easily manage several different SEO factors, such as title tags, meta tags, and keyword phrases. This plugin also includes a simple to use set of widgets that lets you know which keywords and key phrases are bringing you the most traffic.